Modern Love

The clean lines, sleek silhouettes, and statement details of these luxe-minimalist gowns are of-the-moment as well as utterly timeless

The Best of Both Worlds

With their wedding plans disrupted by the pandemic, Alicia Basin and Corinne Rockoff find a solution that’s twice as nice

Staycation Honeymoons

A change in honeymoon plans doesn’t mean you have to miss out entirely on your post-nuptial celebration. Instead, give one of these close-to-home getaways a try.

Delicate Details

For irresistibly luxe wedding stationery, find your inspiration in refined lace and romantic florals




Passion Play

A local florist risks it all to follow her dream

Lipstick With No Limits

“You're running this successful company — don’t you want to get married?” Yes, it’s 2021 and Melissa Butler, founder of The Lip Bar, is still answering that antiquated question with a question of her own: “Why can’t I have a dynamic love life and a dynamic career at the same time?”

Vintage Charm

Whether you’re a thrift store maven who lives for fashion from a bygone era or a traditional groom looking to add “something old” to your wedding style, antique stores and vintage boutiques offer a treasure trove of accessories perfect for your wedding day.

Au Courant

Embrace two of the season’s haute trends