Best Dressed

Expert styling tips for the summer wedding season | Photographs by Martin Vecchio
Give your wedding look an upgrade with contrasting buttons or a pop of color in the form of a tie or pocket square, like those found at Manno Clothing & Tailoring in Dearborn.

WHETHER YOU’RE A GUEST, a groomsman, or one half of the happy couple, you want to look your best at a wedding. But when the temperatures soar during the summer wedding season, how can you keep your cool while maintaining your personal style? From subtle details to bold colors, Anthony Manno of Manno Clothing & Tailoring in Dearborn shows us how it’s done.

We know, it’s hot in the summer. Think about diversifying your wedding wardrobe by investing in seasonal garments made specifically for the warmer months. Look at jackets and trousers in neutral colors made with a combination of lightweight wool, cotton, and linen. “This showcases your attention to fashion’s seasonality without sacrificing your comfort,” Manno says. “Seasonal attire also prolongs the life of your other clothes by giving them a much-needed respite before it cools down again.”

“Weddings are celebratory occasions, and our clothing should tastefully reflect that,” Manno says. With that in mind, Manno says never overlook the importance of a refined pocket square for a wedding. Find a pocket square that creates good contrast against your jacket and/or compliments the tie you will wear. His pro tip: avoid wearing identical tie and pocket square combinations. “You’re more creative than that,” he says.

If you want to subtly stand out from the crowd, Manno recommends matching the thread stitching on the final sleeve buttonholes of your jacket to the lapel buttonhole. “Make sure the thread color contrasts just enough for others to notice,” he says. This detail can be added in with most custom garment and made-to-measure programs. Alternatively, if your existing suit jacket doesn’t have these details, consult with your tailor to hand stitch them in for you.

Weddings will be littered with navy and gray suits. While there’s nothing wrong with those staple garments, add flair with a strong punch of color — either with your pocket square, tie, socks, or all three. “Try to compliment your date’s attire or add a fun summer color to mix up the mundane,” Manno says. “If you’re feeling extra adventurous, consider donning a pair of suspenders (no clip-ons) to distinguish yourself once your jacket comes off.”

If you receive an invitation to a wedding describing the attire as “beach,” “festive,” or “casual,” consider mixing it up with a bold sport shirt underneath a solid suit jacket or sport coat. “Give the tie a rest at home and allow the strong color and pattern of your shirt to do the talking for you,” Manno says, adding that the look works best when the jacket and shirt have a high contrast, for example a light suit with dark shirt and vice versa.

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