Majda Diamond Vault

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Vendor Category: Jewelry

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    From an early age, Majda Ayar’s passion for jewelry led her to collect fine pieces that exemplified her exquisite style. Now she shares her passion in a place where each piece is hand-picked from all over the country, bringing you only the most high-quality, naturally grown diamonds and jewels. Majda will make sure you have something you absolutely fall in love with that will last a lifetime.

    Majda and her husband, Kevin, daughter Marie, and twins Dominic and Catherine work together as a team. They’re committed to taking the time clients need and getting to know them on a personal level. Your visit will be more of an experience than simply a purchasing visit. To Majda, a lifelong relationship with her clients is worth far more than a sales transaction.

    At Majda Diamond Vault, clients can expect a wide range of services, including custom-made jewelry, jewelry cleaning, appraisals, private appointments, and more.

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