Castle Farms

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    With a rather unconventional start more than 100 years ago, the stunning lake-stone structures that are now called Castle Farms have brought many visions to life as the decades have passed. Its early owners each put their own unique spin on the castle’s French-inspired architecture, but the buildings ultimately fell into ruin.

    Then, in 2001, high school sweethearts Linda and Richard Mueller took on the project of a lifetime by beginning a renovation and restoration of the castle to bring it back to its original grandeur. Their vision has brought this picturesque and perfectly hidden gem back to life, with the intent that couples would have the perfect backdrop for their wedding.

    From elegant garden rooms filled with light to regal stone rooms with arched cathedral windows, each option presents a myriad of opportunities for couples to express their own unique style. Contact Castle Farms today and begin planning your dream wedding.

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