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    Flowers have a special language. Whether it’s a single rose expressing deep love, a calla lily denoting grace, or a peony conveying happiness, flowers eloquently celebrate life and love without uttering a word. Through flowers, hearts speak to hearts in lovely,  evocative ways.

    Understanding the unique melody of each flower — its color, shape, and texture — the talented floral designers at Viviano Flower Shop have been creating symphonies of flowers for life’s most beautiful moments for nearly 87 years. Each generation of this family-owned, family-operated business appreciates the deep care with which a bride selects flower varieties, colors, and styles to perfectly express herself, her love, and her fond hopes for her wedding day.

    You can trust the dedicated team at Viviano Flower Shop to compose arrangements for your wedding, and for all of life’s celebrations. Let them design a beautiful harmony of floral arrangements that are as special and unique as you!

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