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    Vince Sencich believes there is no great gift in life than the opportunity to bring family, friends, and food together at the same table.

    As founder and owner of Enzo’s catering and Events, he has what he calls the “privilege” of observing the magic that happens when all those elements come together on a daily basis. He recalls sitting at his Nanna’s table as a boy, eating paztizzis with his brothers, sisters, cousins, and parents amid the warm familiarity of home. “That is what I’m most proud of…making people feel the way I felt then,” he says.

    With a rich Mediterranean heritage to draw from, Sencich credits his family with giving him the key ingredients needed for culinary success. His grandparents, Rose and Francesco Sant, emigrated from Mosta, a city located on the island of Malta, and taught him the value of gathering with loved ones to share a meal.

    Making that connection is key to Sencich’s success in the catering business. Enzo’s catering is built on the foundation of human connection, demonstrated by spending time with the customer-whether it’s a corporate event planner, a bride-to-be, or the proud parents of a recent graduate. “Vince makes it a point to call, versus sending an e-mail, to take a few moments to chat, and to really understand what’s important to us, and even what’s going on in our lives,” says Linda Luchi a regular Enzo’s customer and fundraiser with Catholic Social Services.

    He also learned from his grandparents and his parents the importance of using fresh ingredients. “My grandparents always had a large garden that took up most of their yard-including plum and pear trees, right here in the city,” he says. Likewise, Enzo’s catering uses only the freshest ingredients, including locally grown produce, fresh herbs, and organically raised meats and fish.

    Enzo’s staff of professional chefs, planners, servers, bartenders, and more possess the skill and expertise needed to pull all the elements of culinary perfection into distinct and beautiful harmony. Enzo’s partners with its clients to create a menu and an event sure to impress. Enzo’s offers customers all the elements they need to plan a successful event, not only the food but also tables, chairs, tents, linens, equipment and much more. With more than 35 years of experience, Enzo’s Catering and Events is southeast Michigan’s premier provider of catering services for weddings, wine tasting, graduation open houses, corporate events, backyard barbeques and much more.


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