Going Green

A botanical wall is one of the standout design features at The Collins Off Main in downtown Chelsea | Photography by Jacob Lewkow
Champagne Wall at The Collins Off Main
The lush greenery of The Collins Off Main’s champagne wall creates the perfect backdrop for colorful Faygo ice cream floats.

WHEN CHOOSING A PLACE to host the most important party of your life, character is key. The Collins Off Main, housed in a historic building in downtown Chelsea, has it in spades. Founded by Amy Grace Collins, a native Michigander who made her name planning weddings in California before moving home with her husband and children, The Collins Off Main is a chic, modern industrial venue that allows your imagination to run wild. With indoor seating for up to 200 guests, the design and layout possibilities are limitless. One of our favorite features is the living “champagne wall.” Lush greenery serves as the perfect backdrop for welcome cocktails, champagne toasts, ice cream floats — and endless other possibilities. To learn more, visit thecollins.co.

Faygo ice cream floats