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The trends and innovations driving the wedding industry in 2022

It’s Party time!

According to The Wedding Report, a research company that collects and forecasts statistics for the wedding industry, 2.5 million couples will say “I do” in 2022 — the most the U.S. has seen since 1984. Of course, weddings have changed significantly since then, so
we asked the pros for their take on the trends and innovations to look for at all of this year’s celebrations.

Trailblazing Celebrations

“The wedding industry trend I am most excited about for 2022 is more couples deciding to have the wedding of ‘their’ dreams. This means making choices and selecting inclusions that resonate with them as a couple. Often times there is so much pressure to do the things everyone else wants, or what’s historically expected, or even to follow along with current trends. The only rule I have for my clients is to blaze their own wedding trail. We are setting and embracing the trend of ‘Do You,’ because what’s better than fully embracing what makes us each unique and then having a celebration that honors that uniqueness? Love doesn’t fit into a single box, so let’s plan weddings that are outside the box and true representations of that love. In my humble opinion, that’s a 2022 trend we can all get excited about.”

— Ryan Abney, owner & lead designer, RA Event Design & Curated (The Collection)

1970s Vibes

“I’m excited to see even more of a shift toward 1970s-inspired designs, interpreted in a current way for the 2022 couple and not straight out of grandma’s basement. Think bold colors and shapes in stationery, florals, and rentals; interesting textures and silhouettes for linens, menswear, and bridal fashions; and disco ball installations above the dance floor for those Studio 54 vibes.”

— Aimee Paquin, owner & creative director, Modernly Events

Weekday Weddings

“With so many couples looking to postpone over the last 18 months due to COVID and new couples getting engaged every day, it’s true that many 2022 weekend dates are spoken for. That doesn’t mean, however, that couples need to wait until 2023 to get married. Many will choose instead to prioritize their dream venue or a 2022 wedding over the idea of a weekend wedding. There are so many advantages to a midweek wedding. They often are smaller events, allowing couples to create a memorable, personal event, and budgets go even further, since venues and vendors typically charge less than they do for Friday, Saturday or Sunday events. We love elopements and intimate weddings here at Cornman Farms, so this is one trend we’re really excited about!”

—Tabitha Mason, managing partner, Zingerman’s Cornman Farms

Stylish Versatility

“At Beloved Bridal, we are most excited for detachable pieces in 2022. We love the idea of versatility when it comes to both the styling and functionality of a wedding dress. Detachable pieces — whether it be sleeves, a dramatic train, or a romantic overskirt — allow a bride to make her bridal look feel authentic to her and accomplish multiple looks while keeping it cohesive. We love seeing many of our designers and brides embracing this trend for 2022!”

— Ashley Sheehan, owner, Beloved Bridal

Bold and Timeless

“We just attended NYC bridal market to see the 2022 collections and we are headed to Paris March of 2022. Bridal gown trends include the return of ruffles with a classic twist. The classic look is always timeless, and that includes the strapless gown. In addition, we are seeing quite a bit of colorful floral. We are seeing colorful prints that can either be subtle or bold. And of course, the deep V neckline and the open back are here to stay.”

— Beth Anderson Harvey, bridal stylist & owner, Ivory Loft

Party Time

“After being cooped up in 2020 and having to continually change directions in 2021, the wedding industry in 2022 is going to welcome the resurgence of over-the-top wedding celebrations … but those that are still intimate and deeply meaningful to our couples and their guests. After the craziness of the past two years, couples everywhere are throwing caution to the wind and wanting to tell their stories in unique ways with heavy details, color, incredible fashion, and sophistication harkening back to the high-society weddings of the past. Whether these celebrations are local or in a destination location, 2022 weddings are going to be a balance of formality meets BIG party … and I’m here for it down to every last little detail.”

— Ashley Lynch, founder & principal planner, Festoons and Flourishes

Events With Intention

“What we are really seeing now is a swell that I’ve been describing as a ‘more is more with intention’ mentality. The last two years stripped us all down to really focus on the core of what’s important, and the events industry was no different. And while the micro-wedding moment has passed, couples are still looking to bring that level of intention to their larger celebrations. What an inspiring creative exercise. How do you scale intimacy? We are currently exploring just that with our 2022 and 2023 couples and finding two emerging trends. First, it’s all about the guest experience — couples are focusing less on themselves and really dedicated to taking great care of their guests. And secondly, there is a very exciting commitment to the environment. Events can no doubt have quite an impact, and we are working closely with clients to off-set the carbon footprint of their events.”

— Cassy Anderson, owner & creative director, Cassy Rose Events

Details That Wow

“In 2022 I’m excited to see our couples’ intentionality come to life. They are working hard to create a personalized experience for each of their guests. From on-site cigar rolling with personalized bands, interactive food stations, and dueling pianos, to personalized cocktails with locally sourced ingredients, their imaginations are running wild and my artistic brain loves where it’s leading them! I truly feel it’s going to be the little wow details that make a couple’s wedding stand out among next year’s sea of weddings.”

— Amy Collins, venue owner & designer, The Collins off Main

Creative Materials

“Alternative papers and tactile details are what I’m thinking about going into 2022. I love finding creative materials to use like leather, linen or handmade papers. I like to play with different textures and colors to perfectly curate a suite, putting thought into every piece. I think after the past few years, I have a less-is-more mentality. Keep invitation pieces classic and clean with a few personal touches, like a small custom portrait. Then bring in unique details in the finishings, like silk or dried flowers.”

— Liz Fons, designer & founder, Jade Social

Eye Catching Cakes

“Our 2022 clients have been going all out with cakes that make a bold statement, and we’re loving it. Couples are opting for vivid colors, sculptural floral arrangements, and intricate details that are meaningful to their relationship. Many couples have waited a long time to have their wedding, and now they’re ready to throw a big party and celebrate with the people they care about.”

— Heather Leavitt, owner, Sweet Heather Anne