Inspired by Nature

Celebrate nature’s beauty as the backdrop for your fall wedding

Bring the outdoors in with unique decoration ideas. Try hanging bunches of twigs or wheat from the ceiling to create a top to bottom oasis inspired by nature. 

Tones are important when decorating. Mix and match wood tones and bring in some natural textures like a jute placemat to elevate a tablescape. 

To set the tone for your day send your guests your wedding invitation with raw, untrimmed edges and textured paper to mimic the organic shapes of the outdoors.

Pampas grass and wheat makes a big statement while also softening some of the darker wood tones.

Finding statement pieces doesn’t have to be hard. Large tree branches can serve as an easel for your event. 

Using wood and staining to your desired tone you can create a rustic backdrop that will look fabulous in photos.

Images courtesy Adobe Stock