Love Bites

Artisanal charcuterie elevates your wedding menu // Photographs courtesy of Detroit Charcuterie Company

“I have always loved entertaining,” says Victoria Cummings, owner of Detroit Charcuterie Co. “Whenever I would host, I would always make a charcuterie plate.”

From grazing tables, classic boards and crudite platters to her popular charcuterie cups and her must-try mini boxes (“You can think of them like an adult Lunchables,” Cummings says), her one-of-kind creations are both a culinary delight and exquisite in presentation. “It has to taste great, but you also want it to look good,” Cummings says. “It should be a conversation piece.”

During the pandemic, it was the idea of “elevating the everyday” that drew Cummings, who always loved creating charcuterie, to truly perfect her boards. “[My husband and I] still wanted to feel fancy, so we started cooking and entertaining for ourselves.” Soon after, she says, “I was making these charcuterie trays and friends and family started wanting them. So, I started thinking, maybe I could do this?” In February 2021, she officially launched Detroit Charcuterie Co.

Her passion for the field is evident in the excitement she finds discussing the various meats and cheeses she discovers at local specialty shops. Westborn Market, Mongers’ Provisions, DeVries & Co., and Randazzo Fresh Market are a few of her favorites. “We really take into consideration how everything is going to pair on the board,” Cummings says. For clients looking for something other than the traditional, she also offers vegetarian, vegan, halal, and gluten-free options. “What I try to focus on most is creating quality products and having exceptional customer service.”

Crafting a board or platter to suit an event is just one example of the incredible services she provides. For weddings, Cummings says, “you can’t beat grazing tables, they just look stunning when you walk into a room.”  Because of the scale, she says “it allows you to have more creative expression.” Her “itty bitty baby boxes” have also become a hit with brides and bridal parties looking to add an elegant treat to their wedding morning prep.

“I’m just always amazed because to me it was just something so simple that we were doing at home but that people really wanted to incorporate into their events,” Cummings says. “It makes you feel like you are doing something special, and I think that aspect is what has really drawn people in.”

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