One of a Kind

Create a custom engagement ring as unique as your love | Photographs: Courtesy of Lewis Jewelers
Give your engagement ring a personal touch and create a family heirloom with a custom ring design from Lewis Jewelers.

CHOOSING AN ENGAGEMENT RING is unlike any other jewelry purchase. Your engagement ring symbolizes love and commitment, and creating a custom piece will ensure it will also be treasured for generations to come.

“Every client is looking for a way to put their personal touch into their heirloom ring,” says Keith Largin, assistant manager and custom design specialist at Ann Arbor’s Lewis Jewelers. “With our unlimited options, it’s very easy to walk them through that and, more importantly, deliver a custom ring in their price range.”

Here, Largin walks us through the custom design process to take the guesswork out of creating the perfect engagement ring.

Whether you are creating a new design from scratch or tweaking an existing ring, the first step is discussing your concept with a skilled designer. “Keep in mind, your personalization may be as simple as reworking an existing ring — changing the shape of the center diamond, swapping the side diamonds for colored gemstones, or maybe adding some engraving. Anything can be done to alter your creation,” Largin says.

Lewis Jewelers offers an assortment of loose, certified conflict-free diamonds and colored gemstones, as well as lab-grown diamonds and moissonite for eco-friendly options.

Once you have finalized the design and direction of your custom piece, you will receive a multi view CAD drawing. “This brings to life your vision so there will be no doubt how the final product will turn out,” Largin says.

Once the drawing is approved, the ring is cast in your choice of metal, then the stone is set and the mounting is polished. “When completely personalizing a new design, our normal production rate is three to four weeks,” Largin says. “Sometimes with our on-site team of jewelers, we can modify an existing in-stock ring and create personal touches, completing it within a few days.”

Before presenting you with your finished ring, a gemologist will perform an inspection and detailed appraisal. “Our team of non-commissioned, trusted expert advisers has only one goal: Build you the perfect, one-of-a-kind heirloom ring for the best value,” Largin says. “We can create an $800 ring or an $800,000 ring, and you will be treated with the same smile, hug, and over-the-top service that has made us one of the top-reviewed jewelers in the state of Michigan since 1921.”

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