Pins and Needles

Expert advice for a perfectly pinned boutonniere
Photo: courtesy of The Bouqs Company X Monique Lhuillier Collection

PINNING A BOUTONNIERE to your tuxedo seems like it should be easy — until you’re standing in front of a mirror, fumbling with a delicate flower in one hand and a sharp metal pin in the other. For a perfectly placed boutonniere without the stress, follow these pro tips from Samantha Fineman, head of weddings at The Bouqs Company.

1. Start by holding the boutonniere on the left lapel with the floral side facing out and the greenery against the lapel. Aim to place it at about the same level as the person’s heart.

2. With the boutonniere still in place, lift the lapel. Position the pin on the backside of the lapel vertically and weave it through the fabric and into the stem.

3. Next, weave the pin back through the front lapel and tuck it back into the stem to keep it hidden.

4. Gently tug the boutonniere to make sure it is secure. Add more pins for additional support and make adjustments as needed.

5. For a more casual look, follow these steps with the same placement on a dress shirt pocket.

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