The Final Countdown

Plan your wedding-day glam with the help of Metro Detroit’s leading beauty professionals


Get Inspired
By now, you’ve picked your venue, settled on a theme, and said, “yes” to the dress. Play off of these elements as you gather inspiration for your hair and makeup aesthetic for the big day. Whether you’re prepping for a whimsical garden wedding or a formal black-tie a air, start harvesting images of the look you’d like to create. “I always recommend clients bring in pictures of what they like and what they don’t like,” says George Nikollaj, co-owner of Canton-based color salon Dynfly. “This way, the lines of communication are open.” Freelance makeup artist Kori C. Fields also reminds clients that makeup will translate differently on different people. “I would suggest that brides look for reference photos of models that share similar features. Have hooded lids? Look for examples of that.”

Select Your Glam Squad
With wedding season overlapping other special occasions, Fields recommends that brides (and grooms) secure their beauty and grooming appointments six months in advance of the wedding. “Traditional [wedding] season lands right within graduation, prom, and baby shower months, so [couples are] competing with a wider audience than they may think,” she says. To find the perfect team, all experts advise carefully studying the artist’s portfolio. “Find a stylist with the same vibe that you’re going for on your wedding day,” says Alex Pardoe, stylist and co-owner of Aesthetic Hair Co. Salon in Ferndale. “If you want a soft, undone style, don’t go to a stylist with a portfolio filled with intricate, sculpted bridal work.”



Consult a Professional
As technology in beauty evolves, following the world at large, services available for primping in preparation of your wedding are increasingly innovative. If you’re interested in cosmetic procedures that require consistent appointments or offer gradual results (like teeth whitening services or injectable treatments), now is the time to consult your dentist or dermatologist.



Treat Your Skin
A fresh glow begins with clear, even, healthy skin. Visit an esthetician to address your concerns and to inform an at-home regimen that will help you maintain your skin in the months leading up to your wedding. “It’s so important to start the process early on,” says Alicia Frazier, founder of Bare Skin Facial and Waxing Studio in Detroit. “Often times, a series of corrective treatments to improve different skin conditions, like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, lackluster skin, and acne, are needed.” Chemical peels are also services to consider at this point. “If you’re interested in having a chemical peel, I’d recommend doing it a few months before the wedding to give your skin time to go through the shedding process and then to heal,” she adds. Visit Bare Skin Facial and Waxing Studio, Detroit; 313-326-3700;

“Don’t make any drastic changes right before your wedding. The pictures will last a lifetime and you’ll want to look like yourself.” — George Nikollaj


In the blink of an eye, you’ll be walking down the aisle and jet-setting to your honeymoon destination. Take a moment to pause and indulge in a couple’s massage with your partner. Unwinding from the stress of planning will soothe tense muscles and re-energize you both for the last leg of planning. Visit Woodhouse Spa, Detroit; 313-965-6270.

Get Glowing
Golden skin has been a perennial wedding essential — especially for summer brides and grooms. During Detroit’s cooler months, begin tanning sessions in advance of your wedding to allow time for trial and error. Visit Olga Hemana Toma; 586-219-9749.



Brush Up on Brows
Level up your traditional brow-grooming regimen by considering micro-blading. “Micro-blading can make a world of a difference in eyebrows, filling in any sparse areas or recreating a new shape,” says Fadia Shuayto, co-founder and CEO of Wingme Cosmetics in Detroit. “Timing on micro-blading is critical because the shade can differ from one day to the next while in the healing process. After your initial service, a six-week touch-up session is almost necessary and the prime look is 10 weeks after your initial service.”

Try It On
Take your day-of look for a test-run. “We like to suggest getting your trial on a day you’re doing something else fun and wedding-related, like your shower or bachelorette party,” says Pardoe.



Consider Color
The perfect hairstyle can be enhanced with the right hair color. Whether you’re looking to punch up your natural color or you’re simply due for a touch-up, head to your stylist in advance of your wedding day. “For any big event, I’d recommend having color done two weeks prior so that the color sets in and there is no dramatic change to your look,” says Nikollaj, who also recommends looking to locals for color inspiration. “A great tip in choosing a colorist is [to] stop women on the street if you love their color. Ask them who does it — people always love to talk about their hair!” Visit Dynfly, Canton; 734-667-2892;

Go Long
For intricate updos or full, cascading waves, you may want to opt for hair extensions. “I recommend getting hair extensions a month or two before your wedding so you have them for all of the events leading up to your wedding — and your honeymoon,” Pardoe says. Visit AHC Salon, Ferndale; 248-629-7805;

“Often times, guys have a lot of oil built up in their nose area. Before the wedding, I like to give grooms a really good extraction, thoroughly cleaning out those pores.” — Alicia Frazier


Shape Up
Shuayto says, “Three days before the wedding is prime time for your final brow-shaping and grooming session.” Try Wingme Cosmetics Brow Jam, $21, at

Wax On
Between the moment your new spouse slips off your garter belt and beachy escapades during the honeymoon, you’ll want to make sure that your legs and bikini area are silky smooth. We recommend a hair removal service that won’t cause irritation, like sugaring, a natural alternative to waxing. The formula is comprised simply of sugar, water, and lemon. Visit The Sugar Parlor, Berkley;

Nail It
Manicured hands and toes are essential for days where you’ll be flashing your new rings and showing off bling-y sandals. “Two days before the wedding is an optimal time for brides, bridesmaids, and grooms to get a manicure and pedicure,” says Jeny Bulatovic, co-founder of Rouge Makeup and Nail Salon in Ferndale. “That way, if your nails smudge, there’s still time to get you in for a fix.” Visit Rouge Makeup and Nails, Ferndale; 248-439- 6012;

Stock Up
Stash your day-of essentials in your clutch. The experts recommend bringing your lip color of choice, blotting paper, under-eye concealer, facial powder, bobby pins, and travel-size hairspray.