The Metro Detroit Wedding Team Weighs In…

Out of all the weddings you’ve attended, what was the most unique food item on the menu?

Metro Detroit Weddings Team Weighs In: out of all the weddings you've attended, what was the most unique food item on the menu?

A s’mores bar! Trying to eat it with class while dressed up was quite the chore, but well worth the finger-licking goodness.”

Lindsay Richards, Creative Director

Detroit BBQ Company! Our friend, a chef, chose to have his buddy cater his wedding with a BBQ food truck. It was epic and they put out to-go containers so we could take home some porky goodness. I was a happy wedding guest.”

Stephanie Daniel, Senior Production Artist

“The most memorable food I’ve had was buffet-style BBQ food. It brings me comfort and I’m never not hungry when leaving a wedding. The mac and cheese is always my favorite dish when it comes to BBQ!”

Amanda Koslowski, Advertising Coordinator

“Out of all the weddings I’ve attended, the most iconic food items that I can remember having were coney dogs at my best friend’s wedding. She served them midway through as a late-night snack.”

Luanne Lim, Senior Digital Development Specialist

“I had mashed potatoes wrapped in a puff pastry. It was incredible!”

Helena Hill, Advertising Coordinator

“This bride and groom had a whole separate room off the main reception hall that opened after dinner. It was full of different kinds of desserts; cakes, pastries, fresh fruit, you name it. It was such a cool and different idea to allow your guests to pick what they wanted for sweets.”

Kathryn Dave, Graphic Designer

“The most iconic food item that I’ve had at a wedding is probably these insane cupcakes at my cousin’s wedding a few weeks ago.
They were humungous and delicious.

Samantha Dick, Accounting Associates