The Storyteller

Stationer and calligrapher Tiffany Harold creates visual narratives for your wedding day | Photographs courtesy of Jennifer Boris Photography and Emilee Rose Films
One of a Kind Calligraphy
Tiffany Harold of The Ambrosia Rabbit creates moments of “surprise and delight” with her bespoke creations.

“MY FIRST LOVE HAS ALWAYS BEEN storytelling,” says Tiffany Harold, the owner and designer behind The Ambrosia Rabbit, a bespoke calligraphy and stationery studio based in metro Detroit.

“And part of storytelling is creating,” she says. “I do all of this for the absolute joy in creating. It is my chance to put something out there in the universe.”

Harold’s creations for The Ambrosia Rabbit (a whimsical combination of her middle name and zodiac sign) go far beyond typical wedding stationery.

They are stunning, one-of-a-kind “dreamscapes” that feature handcrafted and artisanal details that serve as visual and tangible depictions of each couple’s unique love story.

In 2018, Harold was working in advertising when she moved to Michigan from New York. “When I came here, I was very busy at work, didn’t have a lot of friends, and I really needed a creative outlet,” she says. “I took a local calligraphy course with Vicki Corwin and Kathy McCreedy, well-known calligraphers in the area, and I never looked back.”

Tiffany Harold of The Ambrosia Rabbit
One of a Kind Calligraphy gives your invitation a “sense of true uniqueness,” Tiffany Harold says.

A marketer by day, Harold officially established The Ambrosia Rabbit in early 2020, imbuing her marketing and branding acumen into her work. “I love when couples come to me at the beginning stage because it’s like how we start peeling back the onion and treating this like a true narrative from start to finish,” she says. “If you can get to me at the beginning, we can really design event branding, and that will mean looking at your monogram, what kind of textures you want, your color theory, your theme. And that might even determine how you select your vendors along the way.”

As a full-service calligrapher and stationer, Harold specializes in everything from invitations, thank you notes, and save-the-dates to signage, menus, and programs. She even works with photographers to schedule a separate flat lay session of the wedding invitation suite.

Her goal in all of her designs is to find at least one element that creates visual interest and gives her work a level of complexity. Whether that’s using handmade paper sourced from small-batch producers, encrusting a belly band in pearls, or writing on an unexpected material like leather, each element is an opportunity to weave a personal narrative while creating moments of “surprise and delight.”

“When you do calligraphy, it’s not like printing. You’re not going to get the same shapes sometimes … but all of that drives a sense of true uniqueness,” Harold says. “I think it’s so important to have these little pieces that reflect your choices and how you want to be unique.”

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