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Hit the gym and tone up for the big day | Illustrations by Bunky Hurter
Full-Body Workout from Swift Results Glute Factory
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WEDDING PLANNING CAN FEEL like a marathon, so make sure you cross the finish line in peak form with this full-body workout from Swift Results Glute Factory, a personal training studio with locations in Troy and Tampa, Fla., that specializes in building bikini bodies, glutes, strength, and confidence.

Founded by Certified Elite Master Trainer Mark Swift and his wife, Liz, Swift Results Glute Factory is a state-of-the-art, fully equipped private personal training studio that offers individual and small group training for both men and women. “Whether you are looking to build your best bikini body, increase your strength and performance, or grow the peach, we have you covered with customized programs designed to suit your goals,” Swift says. To book a training session, call 586-260-6214 or visit

Arms: Front and Side Lateral RaisesArms
Front and Side Lateral Raises

Grab a pair of dumbbells, stand with feet shoulder-width apart and a slight bend in knees. Hold the dumbbells in front of body with palms facing legs, slight bend in elbows. Slowly lift arms until elbows are in line with shoulders, palms facing floor. Pause then slowly lower to starting position. Repeat for 10-12 reps. Next, return to starting position and repeat with arms to the side, lifting weights out to the side until arms are parallel with the floor, elbows slightly bent. Pause, lower, and repeat for 10-12 reps.

Glutes and Core: HipthrustersGlutes and Core

Start with upper back against a bench or box, knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Place barbell across hips. Drive hips skyward, engaging core and abs. Keep the movement in the lower body — don’t rock upper body. Hold for a count, then lower to starting position and repeat for two sets of 12 reps.

Legs and Shoulders: Squat Shoulder PressLegs and Shoulders
Squat Shoulder Press

Hold dumbbells in a neutral position next to ears, and stand with feet shoulder width apart. Begin to squat, keeping your core tight. As you rise from the squat, press the dumbbells toward the ceiling. Bring them back to the starting position and repeat for two sets of 12 reps.