Your Best Face Forward

Preparation and planning are the keys to looking your best on your wedding day
Face Candy's entance lobby. A marble check-out counter stands under two chandeliers and perpendicular to a wall displaying cosmetic items for sale.
Face Candy offers microblading, filler, Botox, medical grade facials, laser treatments, and more. / Photograph courtesy of Simba Photography

Pre-wedding jitters can only be amplified by the stress of finding the perfect makeup look for your special day. At Face Candy spa in Troy, owner Asiel Elian believes that achieving that wedding day glow begins months in advance with proper skincare.

Elian and her partner Amanda Afr, both certified tattoo artists specializing in permanent makeup, opened their business about six years ago, getting their start as microblading artists. Their journey began with two rooms in a medical building in Rochester Hills and has developed into a team of 15, including a medical director, a registered nurse, brow and lash specialists, estheticians, and more. Services include everything from microblading to filler, Botox, and medical grade facials.

“A big part of our business is getting women ‘wedding ready’,” Elian says. “We have women who come in a year before their wedding, and we see what concerns they have and are able to set them up on a yearlong plan to get them to their desired end result.”

Two women posing in the lobby of their salon. One of them, Amanda Afr, is standing behind a woman who's sat down in a chair with her legs crossed, Asiel Elian.
Amanda Afr (left) and Asiel Elian opened Face Candy six years ago. / Photograph by Melissa Douglas

These plans include finding ways to combat concerns like dryness and acne through Hydrafacial and DiamondGlow facials, microneedling, filler, Botox, and more. “Something we all live by here is the idea that if your skin isn’t makeup ready, the makeup won’t look its best,” Elian says.

The team at Face Candy is equipped to perform a wide range of services to help brides achieve a lit-from-within appearance on their special day. Elian advises planning more intense services further out from the date of the wedding. “Lasers are something we would do in advance of the wedding, and that’s the same with microneedling,” she says. “Right before the wedding we want to focus on soothing, cleansing, and hydrating.”

Every bride is different, Elian says. She and her staff, which includes a makeup artist specializing in bridal makeup, encourage a more natural approach that enhances the clients’ features.

“We tell our brides, ‘You want to look like the best version of yourself.’ You never want to look back at photos and think that it doesn’t look like you,” she says. “We do makeup trials to make sure brides are comfortable, not overly done, and so that you can see the skin and the work that you’ve been putting in leading up to your special day. When your skin is beautiful, the makeup is just an added bonus.”

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Written by Jordan Jewell